01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Recently I bought some toys from my local adult shop Adult Shop and it made me think about using adult toys, orgasms and more.

Are you always concerned about getting the flu or cold?  Combating germs can be quite a task especially if you do not have a good immune system. Everybody wishes for good immune system and that’s why doctors prescribe or those vitamins, vaccinations, prevention remedies and over-the-counter medicines.

WebMD – benefits of sex

Wait a minute, there is another way that you can boost your immune system. Surprisingly, there is a secret remedy in your bedroom that can make you a stronger person, who can get by any germ attack without getting affected. That’s right, we …


main_image-1384405561Even if you consider yourself an expert on sex there is still plenty for you to learn! Here are some interesting facts about orgasms you probably didn’t know.

Ten orgasm fun facts ..

  • The Ancient Egyptians believed that the world was masturbated into existence. Their creation story taught that when the god Atum climaxed he released the earth instead of semen.
  • The Tigris River was also believed to have been created from the semen of an Egyptian god.
  • Scientists have isolated the areas of the brain that control orgasms; for $10,000 you can have a neurostimulator placed in the area that delivers remote controlled orgasms on demand.
  • Male whales generate more semen than any other animal on the planet. One

cv-1824470000When I’m at my day job I’m definitely not the boss, and I most certainly don’t tell anyone what to do, and that’s actually how I like it. But in the bedroom it’s different. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, because it’s not as bad as all that, I’m no dominatrix, but I do like to give some direction.

Video of the lingerie

So maybe that’s why I’m so extremely fond of theExecutive Realness lingerie that I picked up from my local sex shop store.

It fits incredibly well, like a tailored suit, only skimpy and sexy. I love the fit of the pinstriped bustier and how it ends at built in garter straps which force me not to …


Abs-WorkoutSome fantasies are more appealing than the actual acts themselves. Here are a few sex ideas you should probably rethink.

  1. Food in Bed: You’ve seen it on movies and music videos, and it looks really hot! One partner seductively covers the other in chocolate syrup or whipped cream then teasingly licks it off. While this seems like a messy but harmless activity the truth is that using certain foods in bed can lead to nasty infections. When sugar is introduced into the vagina yeast grows rampant, leading to itchy days without any sexual contact. Using food during sex can also cause Bacterial Vaginosis, which can only be treated with antibiotics. (The antibiotics in turn may also cause yeast infections!) Before

cv-1817620009When I was planning my wedding I wanted some sexy lingerie for the wedding night. Everyone I knew told me that most couples are too tired after the big day to don the lingerie, must less do the deed, but I knew my fiancé, and he would be wanting to end the night the right way no matter what.

A mans perspective on buying lingerie for a wedding day

In my endeavour to be prepared for the conclusion of our wedding day I started searching early for sexy bedroom attire. No matter where I looked everything was either too slutty, or too expensive.

After fruitless searching I was about ready to give up, until I found online.  I had never …


LLSWomanFeedManChocolate1I recently got a chance to meet up with a stay at home mom who had been happily married for 35 long years! I wanted to learn from her how she managed to keep that spark and love alive in her marriage. So, I started asking questions! She shared with me the importance of committing to a relationship.

Young people of the present day are programmed in a manner that they walk away from relationships at the mere sight of trouble. People seem to have forgotten about the thing called conflict resolution. It is only natural for all of us to go through those times when we don’t talk to our partners for weeks at a stretch. But, we do …


cv-1143890008I’m the type of girl that likes to buy everything I can in bulk. Whether it’s toilet paper or granola bars I’ve got a cupboard full. I don’t see the point in buying small amounts at higher prices for things that I will always need. For me a good lube definitely falls into that category.

I’m not a fan of the greasy lubricants that you find at the corner shop, they always feel sticky, and hard to wash off. But I love the Pjur Original Lube that I found online. It makes sex feel super slippery and wet, and playtime with my toys way more enjoyable. It always feels slick and never greasy or oily, and I have found from …


couple busySex addiction is becoming a more prevalent topic of conversation among sex specialists but pornography addiction is still a taboo subject. While pornography can work as a relatively harmless way of spicing up your sex life, it can also lead to the demise of your relationship; especially since embarrassment keeps both partners from discussing the problem with others.

Here are some signs that a pornography addiction is ruining your relationship.

  1. Your partner becomes increasingly critical of your appearance and/ or sexual performance. Pornography usually depicts unrealistic sexual situations. If your partner has developed a porn addiction they may expect your sex life resemble the movies they’ve been watching and they may pressure you to reenact scenes from the films. No

cv-1839832164I’ve never shied away from a dare, but when my guy suggested we take out foreplay out in public I wasn’t quite enthusiastic about it. While I’m sure that what he really wanted was full out sex in the middle of the park at noon, he said he would settle for getting to control an egg I would wear while we went out.

I was worried everyone would be able to hear, but he promised to find one that was quiet, and ordered us the Silicone Remote Controlled Egg Purple from my local sex store. Well I may have been apprehensive at first, but I’m a full believer now, because this little egg is the best toy I’ve ever had.…


cv-1839831774I started looking for a set of weighted vaginal balls shortly after the birth of my first child. My husband and I made love for the first time six weeks after I gave birth and my vaginal muscles just weren’t what they used to be.

My husband has always enjoyed me performing kegels during lovemaking; in fact that has always been my go to move to bring him to climax. Suddenly this move was failing me and I was desperate for a way to bring back my pre-baby vagina. My doctor suggested that I try Ben Wa balls.

I logged on to our favourite adult toy site to browse their selection. I was attracted to the Geisha Twin Balls Deluxe …